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Mobile Outreach and Resources to Increase LGBTQ+ Visibility, Support, and Understanding of our Community

Are you wondering the ins and outs of gender and sexuality? Struggling understanding pronouns? Thinking about coming out? Our education section has you covered with some fun and informative resources for everyone!


Medical, Mental Health, and Community Resources

Queer folks often struggle finding affirming care and support. We have local and national resources that understand you!

STI Prevention, Testing, and Treatment

Everything You Should Know About STI's

We're committed to helping provide easily STI prevention, testing, and treatment options. Check out our information on STI's and where you can access these resources!


Tips on Staying Safe and Where to Get Help

The queer community experiences discrimination, hate crimes, sexual assault, and other acts of violence. Click here for information on staying safe and where you can get help if you are a survivor of violence.